Oregon Pet Supply - Delivered to Your Door
Oregon Pet Supply - Delivered to Your Door

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  Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  By Nature
  Canidae Cat
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  The Honest Kitchen
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  Natural Balance L.I.D.
  Natural Balance Ultra
  Nature's Variety Instinct
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  Ziwi Peak

Please note that we are a pet food delivery service only with no retail store front. For questions regarding any of our products, please call us at 503-476-2875 or email us at requests@oregonpetsupply.com.


Weruva Cat Cusine Canned Food

Chicken flavors are free of fish and fish formulas are free of chicken. All are protein focused and low in fat. More information >

Chicken & Beef Flavors
Paw Lickin’ Chicken – Chicken in Gravy
Grandma’s Chicken Soup – Chicken & Pumpkin
Funky Chunky Chicken Soup – Chicken Soup with Pumpkin
Nine Liver – Chicken & Chicken Liver in Gravy
Green Eggs and Chicken – Chicken, Egg & Greens in Gravy

Seafood Flavors
Outback Grill – Trevally & Barrmundi
Marbella Paella – Mackerel & Shrimp
Asian Fusion – Tuna & Shirasu
Mack and Jack – Mackerel & Grilled Skipjack
Polynesian BBQ – Grilled Red Bigeye
Meow Luau – Mackerel & Pumpkin
Mideast Feast – Grilled Tilapia in Gravy

24/3 oz cans     $30.99

24/5.5 oz cans      $45.99


Weruva Truluxe Canned Food

This line features formulas with shredded grass fed Australian beef, pink salmon, basa and turkey. More information >

Truluxe Canned Food Flavors
On The Cat Wok – Chicken & Beef in Pumpkin Soup
Kawa Kawa – Kawakawa Tuna in Gravy (same as Mediterranean Harvest without the veggies)
Mediterranean Harvest – Tuna & Veggies in Gravy
Peking Ducken – Chicken & Duck in Gravy

Steak Frites – Beef & Pumpkin in Gravy
Glam ‘N Punk – Lamb & Duck in Gelee
Honor Roll – Saba in Gravy
Pretty In Pink – Salmon in Gravy
Quick ‘N Quirky – Chicken & Turkey in Gravy

24/3 oz cans     $39.99

24/6 oz cans      $64.99



Weruva BFF – Best Feline Friend Cans & Pouches

These formulas all have red meat tuna as a base ingredient. Most formulas are hand topped with one other meat based ingredient such as chicken, salmon, duck or shrimp. More information >

BFF Canned Foods Flavors
Tuna & Bonito Be Mine
Tuna Too Cool
Tuna & Shrimp Sweethearts
Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine
Tuna & Salmon Soulmates

Tuna & Tilapia Twosome
Tuna & Chicken 4EVA
Tuna & Chicken Chuckles
Variety Pack
(Tuna Too Cool, Tuna & Salmon Soulmates, Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine and Tuna & Chicken 4EVA)

12/3 oz cans     $11.99

8/5.5 oz cans      $10.99

12/10 oz cans      $24.99



Weruva BFF Pouches

BFF Pouch Flavors
Tuna & Chicken Charm Me
Tuna & Beef Baby Cakes
Tuna & Turkey Tickles

Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks
Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya
Tuna & Duck Devour Me

12/3 oz cans      $11.99