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Oregon Pet Supply - Delivered to Your Door

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Please note that we are a pet food delivery service only with no retail store front. For questions regarding any of our products, please call us at 503-476-2875 or email us at requests@oregonpetsupply.com.


Bully Sticks Dog Treats: Best Safe, Natural Dog Chews
Bully sticks are increasingly popular among dog owners who prefer a natural, safe and healthy chew for their pets.

A bully stick, also called a pizzle stick, or steer stick, is 100% bull penis. Bull penis is the only ingredient of bully sticks.  Since bully sticks are pure beef, they are 100% easily digestible.

Bully sticks are not only highly palatable treats, but they also provide a lot of benefits for dogs.  When dogs chew on bully sticks, they become wet and chewy and provide a great natural way to clean teeth and massage gums keeping them strong.  Bully sticks are a long-lasting treat that satisfies dogs desire to chew and keeps them busy and occupied.

Bully sticks are a high source of quality protein and taurine, an amino acid that acts as a catalyst facilitating the flow of vital elements to and from cells and therefore is essential in preventing health disorders.

As bully sticks are a 100% natural product, thickness, shape and color vary slighty.

6"    $2.99

12"    $5.49

24"    $12.99

30"    $15.99

36"    $18.99

USA Made Bully Sticks Dog Treats
These bully sticks are 100% USA grown and USDA inspected at the Rogue River Naturals manufacturing facility in Medford, OR. They are Rancher Certified, meaning that the individual animal source has a signed affidavit to prove the animal was not fed or given antibiotics, steroids or hormones during its lifetime.last longer.

6"    $3.99

12"    $6.99

Bully Sticks Dog Treats: Braided, Natural Dog Chews
Shaped bully sticks are easier for some smaller breeds to hold in their paws, and they may last longer.

5"    $5.99

9"    $7.99

12"    $8.99