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Oregon Pet Supply - Delivered to Your Door

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Please note that we are a pet food delivery service only with no retail store front. For questions regarding any of our products, please call us at 503-476-2875 or email us at requests@oregonpetsupply.com.


Feline Pine Litter
This 100% natural pine cat litter effectively destroys odors without the use of perfumes, additives or artificial fragrances. Made from selected, scrapped pine lumber, Feline Pine kitty litter is soft to your cat's touch and has been specially formulated to stay within the litter box and not track. This special pine litter is kiln-dried before processing and compressed into clean, sterile pellets that are 100% pure and natural, making it safe for cats and kittens of all breeds.

Feline Pine Non-Clumping (Original) Litter

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20 lbs    $14.99

40 lbs    $21.99

Feline Pine Clumping Litter

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8 lbs    $14.99

14 lbs    $21.99


DuraScoop is the ideal tool to clean up your cat's litter box. This jumbo sized scoop is light weight and has a comfortable, ergonomically designed grip. The DuraScoop is made of hand-polished cast aluminum, ensuring it won't bend, break, flick or rust. Its jumbo size makes cleaning up easier, and the anti-scatter sides make sure you won't cause a mess while shoveling the clumps out your cat's litter box. The DuraScoop is also easy on your hands thanks to its soft, textured grip, and reduces strain on your wrist with an ergonomic, light weight design and perfect balance. Comes in one of 3 colors, but we are unable to order specific color.