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Oregon Pet Supply - Delivered to Your Door

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Please note that we are a pet food delivery service only with no retail store front. For questions regarding any of our products, please call us at 503-476-2875 or email us at requests@oregonpetsupply.com.


ZiwiPeak Treats - Premium 'Real Meat' Jerky Treats for Dogs
ZiwiPeak ingredients are ranch-raised (free of antibiotics and hormones) on New Zealand's green fields and fished from its clear waters.  No added salt, no colors, preservatives, fillers or grains. ZiwiPeak 'Treats' are suitable to feed your pet at any stage of life - from puppy or kitten to mature adult. Most importantly, they love the taste! Available meat choices: Venison, Lamb, Beef, Venison & Fish, Lamb Liver, and Venison and Green-lipped Mussel.
3 oz    $6.99 - $7.99